Dog Vomiting - Home Remedies That Are Effective

Published: 11th March 2011
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Being an animal lover and a dog owner subjects you to many unexpected concerns about the well being of your dog. Such as dog vomiting, injuries and other unexpected illnesses. Although in most cases, there is nothing the owner can do to prevent some things from happening to your dog, there are things you can do to treat some of the minor health issues from home.

Dog vomiting is one of the most common issues dog owners have to face with their furry family member. Generally speaking, vomiting with dogs is not usually a very serious condition that will require veterinarian care. However, if the vomiting is only one of the symptoms you should consider calling your vet for advice as to whether or not your dog should go in for an office visit.

Here are some of the top home remedies for treating dog that are vomiting:

1. Fasting is one of the first methods used to ensure the dog is only vomiting because of an upset stomach. By doing this you are not allowing your dog to ingest any more food which in turn will give his intestines and digestive system a break to heal.

2. Continue to offer your dog water and make sure he is drinking enough to remain properly hydrated. To check your dog for dehydration, you can simply lift up a small bit of his skin on his back. If the skin falls quickly back into place he is hydrated if not, call your veterinarian and have your dog seen. He might require an IV to re-hydrate him.

3. Pepto Bismol can be given to a dog with the approval of a veterinarian. This will do the exact same thing for your dog as it would for you, however, dosing instructions for a dog should be given by your vet.

There are several conditions in dogs that will cause vomiting. Therefore, it is essential that you call your vet if your dog vomiting increases in frequency, he becomes lethargic, is losing weight, becomes weak or his symptoms become troublesome for his regular routine. Your veterinarian will likely need to perform tests to determine the cause for your dog’s illness and vomiting. If the dog continues to be unable to hold anything down for more than 24 hours you should also contact your vet and bring your dog in for a visit.

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