The Use of Imodium AD for Dog Diarrhea - 2 Imporant Things To Know

Published: 24th May 2011
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Pepto Bismol is basically the most common over-the-counter drug for diarrhea in humans that can also be used to treat diarrhea in dogs. Another one is the Loperamide Imodium AD which is also a highly recommended over-the-counter drug you can use on your dog. Knowing about the use of Imodium AD for dog diarrhea will give dog owners an additional option to help their pets.

1. Considerations before Using Imodium AD

Just like every drug you plan on using on your dog it must be recommended by a veterinarian first. Imodium AD may be a non-prescription drug but it does not immediately follow that it is safe to use on your dog. Imodium AD is a narcotic and if your dog is allergic to narcotics the Imodium AD could kill it since it will cause paralysis of the intestines and affect your dogís central nervous system.

It is also not safe to give Imodium AD to dogs that are pregnant and those that are nursing their puppies. Also check your dog for other conditions it is suffering from other than diarrhea. When your dog has a head injury or is suffering from stomach pain then do not give Imodium AD to it. Do not give Imodium AD to your dog if you suspect that your dog has ingested poison. These conditions will negate the use of Imodium AD for dog diarrhea as it will cause more trouble to your dog.

2. Dosage of Imodium AD and when it is safe for your dog

Recommended dosage is 0.1 milligram per pound of your dogís body weight and should be administered with 8 hour intervals. You must add the Imodium AD to your dogís food since normally your dog will not eat it. You can also grind it to powder form and mix it in water. If your dog will not drink it because of the taste use a sterilized needleless syringe and administer the Imodium mix into your dogís mouth. The use of Imodium AD for dog diarrhea should only last for 2 days to see results.

The use of Imodium AD for dog diarrhea may be great if done properly. Remember that a full Imodium AD tablet is for humans so stick to the recommended dosage for dogs. If after two days there are no results or your dogís condition seemed to worsen then immediately take your dog to a veterinarian for a checkup.

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